Written by Vivian cullen
on May 14, 2020

COVID-19 has thrown the world into business and working chaos – Workers have had to adjust to working in different environments as well as working in a different way – FROM HOME. This means learning and adapting to a new IT setup and learning about new vulnerabilities – as they go.

The company’s’ IT team have been put under extreme pressure to protect those who used to be on the network they so proudly mind – now they are having to secure people in foreign environments to the company office. Coping with the addition of VPNs, New Firewall configurations, Stepped up Antivirus activity, Perimeter reconfiguration, increased threats and network activity that makes little sense… you know the score.

Add into this mix – How do you manage twice the workload with the same staff who were already stretched.

6 Tips on how to manage a remote workforce:

1. Do not do any of the following tips unless you can Monitor your network, Manage Alerts and Automate (at least some) Remedial work.
2. Ensure ALL devices have up to date antivirus installed and appropriate policies are in place
3. Ensure ALL users have Multi Factor Authentication in place and they understand how it works.
4. Ensure ALL staff know what STRONG passwords look like and they know how to protect them.
5. Ensure All staff understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.
6. Review and make sure you really understand the importance of Tip #1

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