Ken Gilmour

10 Dec 2018

Marriott-Starwood 500 Million Records Exposed.

In this edition the Knogin's  "Breacher Report" we focus on the recent...

01 Nov 2018
The Breacher Report | 1 min read

Eurostar changes all customer passwords after data breach.

Welcome to Knogin's new service, called - The Breacher Report. When  t...

31 Oct 2018

Employees are the key to the biggest Cybersecurity Problem

Several years ago, at an RSA Cybersecurity Conference, then FBI Direct...

29 Oct 2018
Cyber Humor Phishing | 1 min read

Tired of getting Tricked by Phishing Emails?

Getting Tricked? Phishing emails are unfortunately one of the most pre...

19 Oct 2018

Six ways to improve your first line of cyber defense.

In cybersecurity your first line of defense will be your weakest link,...

16 Oct 2018

CyberSecurity 101 - A Cyber Privacy Parable

Here at Knogin, we take cybersecurity very seriously.  Personal inform...

15 Oct 2018

Is your business a target for a cyberattack?

Think your small business is too small to be a target for a cyber atta...

10 Oct 2018

Google+ strike one, strike two, you're out

Another day and another data breach.   New York Times calls out Google...

08 Oct 2018

Hello Admin 12345, your days are numbered.

Have you ever heard of a ‘common sense law’? Well, California just pas...

04 Oct 2018

What do death, taxes and cyber breaches have in common?

If I asked you, 'what are two things that are certain in life?',  what...

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