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You shall not pass ! ( Tips on how to create a strong password that you’ll remember)

October 31, 2018 5:39:14 PM EDT / by Solène Gabellec posted in Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Cybersecurity 101



In cybersecurity, one of the good habits to acquire is the ability of creating unique and strong passwords. Indeed, your enemy isn’t a lonely hacker in the darkness of his bedroom trying a password one by one. Your enemy is a program able to assimilate enormous databases of common passwords or random combinations of characters.

So why do you need a strong password ? Mainly to avoid breaks-in that could lead to the loss of your personal data and sensitive information. Once someones breaks your password, the quantity of information available can be significant with major consequences in your private life.

In order to avoid such an inconvenience, I offer you these guidelines on how to build a safe and strong password to prevent attacks.

 The traditional way

  • A minimum of 12 characters : Your password has to be loooooooooooooong in order to be safe. 12 characters is the minimum required.
  • Use symbols, numbers, capital-letters and lower-case letters.
  • Do not use simple words or a combination of simple words. “mouse” as a password isn’t safe at all and “mousecat” either.
  • Do not put personal information inside your passwords. It is really easy to know your mother name or your date of birth with all the information available on the Internet. Avoiding personal details is always better.

 Here’s a trick just for you:

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