Written by Vivian cullen
on July 01, 2020

Over the last number of years, several surveys across the MSP community have revealed various challenges - some more predictable than others. However, the usual suspects still rise to the top.

The feedback since COVID19, however, seems to be unchanged but has increased in intensity. Across the surveys carried out by several vendors and associations pinpointing challenges like:

  • Growth
  • Improved Margin
  • Customer Churn
  • Headcount
  • But the most challenging across the board was the lack of time and finding good people.

The surveys revealed that more than half of the respondents cited cyber security as the No1 challenge of staying current with Technology.

 Identifying and Managing security threats and Responding to alerts. They said they were consuming considerable time leaving resources stretched and unable to cope – thus creating a sense of uncertainty. But more importantly, leaving unknowns to go undetected and potential vulnerabilities to go unchecked.


Reduced Customer Churn – Low Cost of entry

Perhaps it’s time to consider the deployment of SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation & Response) technology.
Organizations have probably invested in an array of world-class tools and solutions to do a myriad of Security tasks that feed activities to the SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) system if you have one. It only serves to create additional workload for the already-stretched IT and Security Techies.

SOAR, on the other hand, presents the ability to correlate and decipher the information coming from across the entire network and triggering Automated responses in real-time to anomalous activity.

More efficient Tech Team – win back their time

Now let us add Behaviour analysis into the equation so we can understand the context of the event. Now you have a solution that learns what is normal and what presents as a Next-Gen Threats. You’re now able to understand the context behind the action and, through carefully crafted playbooks, automatically execute the appropriate response in real-time. It gives you visibility across the network, reduces False-Positives, and take corrective action if an event occurs.

Understanding the Behaviour of Users, Files, Applications, and Devices are critical in understanding your network and gives clear visibility of your Security Posture.

This capability means your Tech Team no longer has to spend time reviewing alerts, analyzing effects, deciding what action is required, and lets them get on to addressing other pressing issues.

SOARaas brings yet another dimension to the capability to take control of your security and providing answers to the other challenges listed in the reports. Ability to increase revenue (and margin), low (almost no) cost of entry, Reducing Customer Churn.

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