Written by Vivian cullen
on May 27, 2020

Good Cyber Security is about making sure ALL possible Threats are identified, mitigation controls put in place and remedial actions taken.
So, what if your staff have a ‘start of the day’ routine they follow day in day out. Or they are now working from home (near the office) and suddenly they access the network form thousands of miles away… Are you prepared?

Do you have a go-to playbook to take remedial action?

What if several suspect events happen and you get snowed under for the remainder of your day?

It’s all to often that people in their very best efforts will forget to do simple and sometimes mundane tasks because they are human, and they do forget.

The same goes for important tasks like encryption of data or databases, making simple slips like inadvertently exposing sensitive data… you need a reminder to alert you that something is either against security/company policy or simply being forgotten to be checked before the action is completed.

Forewarned is forearmed

You could say your SIEM does this – but does it?
SIEMs have their place in the Cyber landscape – However, new technologies mean NEW Threats, NEW Methods, NEW more Creative techniques employed and deployed by NEW Threat ACTORS…

The NEXT-GEN threat.
You need to defend with your own NEW Threat Defenses, your NEW Detection Techniques and Automatically (and INSTANTLY) remediate everyday anomalies so you can buy time to prepare for the Serious events.
It’s not enough to stop there… You need to arm yourself with the appropriate NEXT-GEN technology to automate the Alert – and Seize or Stop the effects of the anomaly to give you time to carry out appropriate Mitigation Controls to avoid affecting your entire network.
If you are unsure of what this means or how this is achieved the CyberEasy™ team will be happy to help… reach out now or contact me directly.

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