Written by Ken Gilmour
on October 19, 2018

Stop Cyber Attack Sign in Red Polygon on Pale Bare Hand. Isolated on White Background.-1In cybersecurity your first line of defense will be your weakest link, unless you reinforce it. 

What is the most important position in football? Many would say the quarterback, right?

After all, their job description includes: reading the defense; adjusting the plays; handing off the ball and making those awe inspiring, crowd cheering amazing touchdown passes. They also happen to be paid the highest salary on the team.

So, they must have the most important job, right?

Instead, I think the most important job could be that of the offensive linemen.

If the offensive line doesn't do their job well and they don't stop the defensive players (the attackers), then what happens to the quarterback? A sack. Ouch! Or, a fumble. Opps. Or, a touchback. Drat. Or even worst, an injured quarterback. Big big ouch!

Well, there is a similar analogy in business. Think of any employee that uses the internet as your 'offensive line'. One of their important jobs is to block attempts by cybercriminals (aka, the defensive attackers) to get through the line (company network) and allow them to 'sack your business'.

Your employees are your company's first line of cyber defense.

But are they taking the steps needed to keep their company data secure? How can you improve their buy-in to the importance of being a crucial part of shielding against cyber attackers?

Forbes recently published an article with six tips for improving employee cyber security compliance. These tips include:

  1. Sharing Policy Reasoning
  2. Conducting Regular Training Programs
  3. Learning From Experience and From Others
  4. Aiming For Understanding
  5. Focusing On Positive Reinforcement
  6. Connecting With Real Life Stories

I can't over emphasise the importance of engaging with your employees and educating them on the importance of their role in cybersecurity. Remember, your first line of cyber defense, is your most important! 

Congratulations on learning importance educating your employees on their role in cybersecurity.  But that is only the first fundamental step.   Discover 9 more ways you can improve the cybersecurity of your business.  Click now to download the Knogin Report :  Ten Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Small Businesses.

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