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Tired of getting Tricked by Phishing Emails? This Treat will make you smile!

October 29, 2018 6:23:30 PM EDT / by Joe Mangano posted in Cyber Humor, Phishing


Getting Tricked? Phishing emails are unfortunately one of the most prevalent ways that people get hacked.   Email scams and cybersecurity are something we take very seriously.  

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CyberSecurity 101 - A Cyber Privacy Parable

October 16, 2018 5:31:26 PM EDT / by Joe Mangano posted in Cybersecurity 101, Cyber Education, Cyber Humor


Here at Knogin, we take cybersecurity very seriously.  Personal information, company data, employee information,  financial records, sensitive customer files and more, all need to be carefully guarded and protected using the latest and most effective cybersecurity technologies.  We are laser-focused in building these tools and cybersecurity technologies at Knogin.

Entrepreneur  Magazine published an serious article on ways to protect your personal privacy in social media.  It's well worth a 4 minute read here.

The truth is, here at Knogin, we like to have a bit of fun too. When we find something  that can blend cyber education and humor  we like to share it with our readers.   

We've all heard the importance of protecting our privacy by being careful about what we post online.  Here is a short video story that explains why...... 

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