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What do death, taxes and cyber breaches have in common?

October 4, 2018 1:35:06 PM EDT / by Joe Mangano


If I asked you, 'what are two things that are certain in life?',  what would you say?  Death and taxes, right?

But, what if I asked you,  'what is one thing that is almost certain to affect you in  your Digital Life?'

What would you say?

If you said, 'another announcement of a cyber breach that could affect me, my family or my business', then you would be 100% right.

Ok, while it is a bit of a stretch to tie all 3 of these things together, I hope you get the point.
Facebook alone has reported breaches that affected the data of  87M people in April 2018, and 50M people in September of 2018.  

Your online security is something that you should take very seriously.  Think about this. Do you  know someone  that has been hacked, had their identity compromised or got hit with a virus or..., , maybe even worse?  

With every social media account you sign up for, every picture you post and status you update,  you

are sharing information about yourself with social media companies and the world.  Did you know there is not a  'delete' button on the internet?   (Sometimes I really wish there was one)

So, how can you make sure that you, your family and your information stay safe online?
What are some Social Media cyber security tips  you should be using?   

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Joe Mangano

Written by Joe Mangano